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Showing Up

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Rich Robinson in our studio.

When Rich Robinson came to our studio, one thing was abundantly clear—the man was wearing an amazing purple shirt. We all loved it so much that we’re getting a bunch of them for our team in the “Science on the Web” bowling league (it can only help—at least we’ll look good…).

As we spent more time with Rich, some much deeper truths did emerge:

• For Rich, science is something everyone can do—it isn’t limited to natural born geniuses. And he attributes much of his own success to his willingness—since he was a young boy—to always “work a little bit harder.”

-• Rich talked a lot about the moment when his photographic subjects “show up” and reveal some truth about themselves. We’ve been behind the camera for dozens of interviews, and there’s never any doubt when someone is sharing something real or just going through the motions. On the set, it felt like Rich was “showing up” big time. We hope that comes across in the videos.

After you watch Rich’s videos, be sure to check out his links to learn more about his science and some of his favorite photographers, too. (And if you’re reading this on the homepage, go to Rich’s individual page on our site to find those links.)

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