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Staff Picks – March 8th, 2013

Freshly picked staff favorites for your weekend enjoyment. Enjoy ’em while they’re hot.

Science Friday: Rap Nerdy to Me

Damian Hess, stage name “Dr. Awkward,” merges nerd culture with hip-hop culture by rapping about data encryption, rare diseases, and video games. Dr. Awkward, have you met Secret Lifer Allan Sage? He raps about being a vegetarian. We feel like the two of you would have plenty to talk about.

NPR Science: To Make Mice Smarter, Add A Few Human Brain Cells

Begs the question: are we on the verge of a real-life Splinter?

Is a real-life Splinter on the horizon?

NOVA Education: Understanding the Universe…one woman at a time

This NOVA Education blog post addresses the gender gap in science labs around the country. We have featured a lot of prominent lady scientists this season, and we think they’d agree that things are changing.

Radio Lab: How big is the universe?

The universe is huge. We get that. But this super-cool video illustrates with elegant simplicity how limited we are in our ability to perceive or even begin to understand its size.

Radio Lab: Neil Tyson Pounds The Table, Demanding A Future, Now

Our own Neil deGrasse Tyson would like you to know that he supports more funding for NASA. The fact that this video has 1-million hits on Youtube lets us know that he is not alone there.

Science Friday: Can the Anti-Aging Secret Be Found in…Red Wine?

Fingers crossed.

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Seandor Szeles

    Seandor Szeles is the co-editor of the Secret Life Blog. He is most interested in the human side of science and providing take-away for educators.