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Staff Picks – May 24th, 2013

This week, public broadcasting takes us on a journey from the far reaches of space to the inner-workings of the human mind. Enjoy.

Radiolab: Who Am I?

Radiolab roots around the brain in search of this thing we call the “self.”

NPR’s Ted Radio Hour: How Do Experiences Become Memories?

Picking up where Radiolab left off, this Ted Radio Hour piece explores the differences between your “experiencing self” and your “remembering self.”

Scratch that itch.

NOVA: Everyone Itches

The science of itching, complete with an adorable collection of animals scratching away.

NPR Science: Resetting the Theory of Time

TWIST: Time might be more than an illusion after all.

Science Friday: Tackling New Tech in the Golden Years

Teach your retired mother to use an iPad, and glorious things can happen.

PRI: Scientist finds beauty in search for elusive dark matter

Unintentional art is the best art.

NOVA: Tornado Country

Why is it that you never hear about a tornado in China or Russia? NOVA explores why the U.S. gets up to three-quarters of the world’s tornadoes.

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Seandor Szeles

    Seandor Szeles is the co-editor of the Secret Life Blog. He is most interested in the human side of science and providing take-away for educators.