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Staff Picks – June 14th, 2013

Krulwich Wonders: Why Dolphins Make Us Nervous

Do you consider a dolphin to be a “non-human person”? Well, The Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests does, so there’s that.

Talk of the Nation: What Bird Flocks And Fish Schools Can Teach Us About The Future

Have you ever seen a flock of birds shift instantaneously in the same direction at the same time? It’s not magic, it’s “collective behavior,” and it’s crazy interesting.

Radio Lab: Animal Minds

When your dog gives you that guilty face, is he genuinely remorseful, or just toying with your emotions? Radio Lab pokes around the animal mind for answers.

Image: Robert Krulwich/NPR

PRI: Technology Delivers Brain Controlled Flying Robots

All you’ll need is your “thinking cap.” That’s right, they’re real now.

Science Friday: How to Survive A Mass Extinction

A scientific alternative to the Michael Bay perspective.

Ted Radio Hour: How Does Beauty Feel

We’re guessing it feels good, but it’s just a theory. Writer and product designer Richard Seymour has some more complicated – and insightful – thoughts on the matter.

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