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Where I Work with Kate Sweeny

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We want to know where today’s leading scientists do all of their groundbreaking work. So we asked them to send us photos of their work place. Introducing – the “Where I Work” series. We’ll find out who has a neat desk, and who needs to clean, where leading scientists stash their PhD degrees, and which scientists have the strangest and silliest artifacts sitting next to their keyboards.

Here’s what social psychologist and belly dancer Kate Sweeny had to say about her office:

“This is my “home office” (really a corner of our dining room), and it’s where I’m most productive. Here, unlike in my office on campus, I can work on a manuscript or data set for hours on end without running to a meeting or stopping to chat with my fabulous colleagues and students. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I can also hang out in my pajamas all day, cook whatever food I want, and snuggle with my dog whenever I need a break!”

Cute dog, Kate

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