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With a Little Help from My Friends

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So how do you sound when you play Eran Egozy’s game “Rock Band”? Or for that matter, when you pour your soul into a Lady Gaga song in the shower? Or when you sing along with Coldplay during the long drive home from work?

Does your singing need a little help?

These guys didn’t need Auto-Tune (Courtesy Harmonix

If so, you’ve got company.

Check out this Nova scienceNOW piece on the software, Auto-Tune. It’s used by many professional singers to make them sound like they actually know how to sing (and it could probably help you win at “Rock Band,” too).

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Tom Miller

    Tom Miller is the producer of “Secret Life” and co-editor of the site’s blog. His job involves interviewing scientists and engineers, getting them to tell their amazing stories and occasionally trying to get them to sing. It’s a fantastic gig and Tom is extremely grateful for it.