Dance / Engineering

Shaundra Daily

“Our emotions can either impede or enhance learning.”


Shaundra Daily is an educational engineer, which means she makes things that help you learn.


Shaundra is a dancer who has performed at Florida State University, on BET, at arena football games and in the kitchen with her daughters.

Getting Emotion

Shaundra Daily builds software that helps people understand themselves and learn.

I Found Home

Shaundra Daily reads a book at dance practice and doesn't feel like a freak.

30 Second Science with Shaundra Daily

We give Shaundra Daily 30 seconds to describe her engineering, and then we use some cool emoticon graphics.

10 Questions for Shaundra Daily

We ask Shaundra Daily 10 questions and she does the robot.

About Shaundra Daily

Shaundra Daily is a computer scientist and engineer who designs learning technologies for children and adults. She recently completed her Ph.D. at MIT’s Media Lab.