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Andre Fenton

“My brain has a particular take on the world.”


Andre Fenton is a neurobiologist who believes that the brain may not be eternal, but it is spotless.


Andre’s meditating has taught him to focus like a laser beam in all areas of his life.

Detective of Biology

Andre Fenton tells us about "The Hardy Boys," frogs, and being a sleuth of the mind.

30 Second Science with Andre Fenton

We give Andre Fenton 30 seconds to describe his science and he tells us that he studies how we organize our thoughts.

10 Questions for Andre Fenton

We ask Andre Fenton 10 questions and he sees "patterns of light."

About Andre Fenton

Andre Fenton is Professor of Neural Science at the Center for Neural Science at New York University. He is also a part-time Associate Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. He is especially interested in understanding how memory works (and doesn’t work).

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  • Francesca del Greco

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