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Jim Gates

“Most of the time when we make up ideas, they’re wrong. However when we get it right, it’s amazing.”


Jim Gates is a theoretical physicist who studies string and makes up theories.


Jim is a faith/science navigator of heaven and earth.

Universal Symphony

Jim Gates explains that much of his work involves making things up.

Faith and Science

Some people think they're oil and water. But Jim Gates knows better.

30 Second Science with Jim Gates

String theory is a complicated concept that is famously difficult to explain. Go, Jim, go!

10 Questions for Jim Gates

How can science and faith be better friends? Is there any string involved in string theory? And who influenced Jim’s hair style?

The Importance of Doing Science

Why is science necessary? Theoretical physicist Jim Gates explains just how badly we’re going to need it down the road.

The Early Years

Jim Gates describes how a character on the TV show Make Room For Daddy (1953-1965) opened his eyes to MIT.

About Jim Gates

Jim Gates is Professor & Director of the Center for String & Particle Theory at the University of Maryland. He also recently received the National Medal of Science from President Obama. We consider Jim a Science/Faith Healer because he often speaks publicly about how human beings don’t need science or faith, but that, in fact, we need both.

  • delores wright

    My sons were surrounded by comic books as they were growing up. One son was challenged because he was robbed of his central vision at age nine. He is now 38 however my other son has a comic scheduled to debut March, 2015, Titled Nutmeg.

  • Buddy Cooper

    My formative years were shaped by Marvel comics as well– The Fantastic Four in particular– but I’m still confused, disappointed, and looking for the reason as to why Marvel Studios chose to portray Galactus as a formless “cloud”, for lack of a better word, instead of the incredibly iconic being he was in Fantastic Four comics along with The Silver Surfer. That said, I wonder if a few more Dr. Gates’s would have been inspired by the wonder and awe of a being like Galactus if he’d been portrayed in the movie wandering the cosmos and challenging the status quo in particle physics! 🙂

  • Donald O’Brien

    Jim: Thank You for the opportunity to ask one of the questions that has nittered me most of my life. I am a fairly well educated man, with an divergent range of professional experience; I have no background in Theoretical Physics or Higher Math.

    • captincarlton

      I think that you see, what others may call, Yen and Yang, or Light and Dark, or even, right and wrong, or even good and evil, night and day, etc, etc. The simple answer is “everything is connected”. God made the simple things to confound the wise. 1 Corinthians 1:27

      • captincarlton

        Isaiah 29:14 Therefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvellous work among this people, even a marvellous work and a wonder: for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid.

  • Orion Michael Guy

    Anti Gravity & the Dark Energy Field Effect

    Anti Gravity

    How does gravity work we are all looking at it the wrong way – empty space
    – though empty in our perceptions is in fact not empty – it is full

    empty space is full of what is being called dark energy – this is in fact correct – we don’t know the mechanics of dark energy but we do know of its existence and we do know that the entire universe is basically submerged in it

    this dark energy is all the black that we see when looking across the skies into the
    emptiness of space so – how does dark energy affect gravity?

    Well, gravity is not affected by dark energy – it’s quite the opposite – dark energy
    is affected by gravity – or not gravity but mass – all the things that “create gravity” are actually disrupting dark energyso – it’s not dark energy that affects mass – but mass that affects dark energy

    look at it this way – dark energy exerts an equal and balanced pressure in every direction –

    as dark energy is the goo of the universe it has spread out and, we think, it has
    equalized –

    [but as far as we can see and for all intents and purposes it has equalized as a constant throughout the entire universe (More observation is needed to confirm or deny this a.k.a. the universe is rapidly expanding?) ]

    So – as everything is submerged in the goo that is dark energy – how does it affect
    mass and how does it affect gravity?

    It’s actually quite simple – once you start to think of it as an inside out equation – we see the universe and ourselves as in empty space – this is not the case – it’s the exact opposite – we are in fact submerged in the universe – you are IN water just like you are IN the universe

    So – where does mass and gravity enter the equation – all matter, E = mc2, the power of the atom, the electromagnetic field it exerts around itself does not pull in
    dark energy – it pushes dark energy away

    It’s really that simple – gravity is not a pulling inward – though that’s the easiest way for our minds to experience it

    gravity is actually pushing away the dark energy – through the process of each and every atom on any given piece of matter – those atoms create a void where the immeasurable forces of dark energy is pushed away – repelling said dark energy –

    in this void of dark energy – where there is less dark energy on one side – dark energy itself will push on the opposite side, in an attempt to equilibrate, a force on
    the side with more dark energy will push towards the side with less dark energy

    So – let’s say we are motionless in relativity to the earth about 100 miles above earth’s surface –

    Is it earth “pulling us in” with its gravity – or is it the electrical magnetic interference created by the mass of the earth that is in fact repelling the dark energy surrounding the planet that is creating a softer dark energy effect on the side that’s facing earth – that makes dark matter push harder on the outside?

    To that end, gravity seems to behave just as we see it – large objects have large gravity and they pull things into them – but it’s not them pulling things into them as
    more – they are repelling the force of dark matter and in doing so – dark matter is pushing on the planet and it is dark matter pushing you to earth

    It really is like the simple visual experiment of putting a bowling ball on a tightly
    stretched piece of fabric – in the center of the sheet of fabric – you place a bowling ball – well it makes an impression in the fabric – and if you place a golf ball on the sheet of fabric it will “fall” into the bowling ball –

    Well – this is what is happening – but where is the force really coming from – its dark energy –

    Its dark energy that is responsible for you falling to earth or the golf ball falling
    towards the bowling ball

    The question has been asked – why can a simple magnet overcome the gravitational pull of the earth and pick up a paper clip – the magnet is so small and the earth is so big yet a simple magnet can overcome the entire gravitational pull of the earth and move the paperclip upwards and to the magnet?

    The magnet is not competing with the earth, the magnet is competing with dark energy – and in this case – magnetic fields compared to most regular matter, magnetic fields are much stronger, so the entire mass of the earth repels dark energy less than the magnetic field of a hand held magnet, and magnetism is in its own field – I will not cover that in this today.

    So – it can be said that gravity does not exist, in fact what we perceive as gravity – an attraction of matter towards itself – is completely backwards – its matter that
    distorts dark matter around itself that reduces the pull of dark matter on other mass within its vicinity – and its dark matter that pushes harder on the side with less distortion – pushing all matter towards itself.

    In a way – there is a lot of pressure in outer space – only it exerts an even force on all sides, its only when an object gets close to another object that the electromagnetic distortion of mass interferes with that even force – pushing
    matter together.

    Gravity can be defined as the electromagnetic force that matter exerts on the universe, on dark energy, that causes a “Dark Energy Field Effect” or “Gravity”

    Anti Gravity
    Orion Michael Guy
    March 5th,2015

  • captincarlton

    I 100% agree that we need to have a relationship with our “Creator”. He almost gets there, but he fails to mention that there is only one door to the “Father”. Jesus Christ, His Son. John 14:6

    • bicycleutopia

      uh, no. WRONG. and arrogantly so. how do you KNOW what you just claimed? have some FAITH that even though you may not know for sure, you can still come up with a defensible answer that is inclusive, rather than, as your ridiculous claim is, exclusive: so if im not a christian i cant know the “creator”? this is classic arrogant, divisive and cowardly bullshit that shows, ironically, little faith…