Physical Science / Unique Secret

Jim Gates

“Most of the time when we make up ideas, they’re wrong. However when we get it right, it’s amazing.”


Jim Gates is a theoretical physicist who studies string and makes up theories.


Jim is a faith/science navigator of heaven and earth.

Universal Symphony

Jim Gates explains that much of his work involves making things up.

Faith and Science

Some people think they're oil and water. But Jim Gates knows better.

30 Second Science with Jim Gates

String theory is a complicated concept that is famously difficult to explain. Go, Jim, go!

10 Questions for Jim Gates

How can science and faith be better friends? Is there any string involved in string theory? And who influenced Jim’s hair style?

The Importance of Doing Science

Why is science necessary? Theoretical physicist Jim Gates explains just how badly we’re going to need it down the road.

The Early Years

Jim Gates describes how a character on the TV show Make Room For Daddy (1953-1965) opened his eyes to MIT.

About Jim Gates

Jim Gates is Professor & Director of the Center for String & Particle Theory at the University of Maryland. He also recently received the National Medal of Science from President Obama. We consider Jim a Science/Faith Healer because he often speaks publicly about how human beings don’t need science or faith, but that, in fact, we need both.

  • delores wright

    My sons were surrounded by comic books as they were growing up. One son was challenged because he was robbed of his central vision at age nine. He is now 38 however my other son has a comic scheduled to debut March, 2015, Titled Nutmeg.

  • Buddy Cooper

    My formative years were shaped by Marvel comics as well– The Fantastic Four in particular– but I’m still confused, disappointed, and looking for the reason as to why Marvel Studios chose to portray Galactus as a formless “cloud”, for lack of a better word, instead of the incredibly iconic being he was in Fantastic Four comics along with The Silver Surfer. That said, I wonder if a few more Dr. Gates’s would have been inspired by the wonder and awe of a being like Galactus if he’d been portrayed in the movie wandering the cosmos and challenging the status quo in particle physics! :)

  • Donald O’Brien

    Jim: Thank You for the opportunity to ask one of the questions that has nittered me most of my life. I am a fairly well educated man, with an divergent range of professional experience; I have no background in Theoretical Physics or Higher Math.