Dance / Space Science

Michelle Thaller

“I’m not sure if I should admit this or not, but I have in fact danced in many observatories across the world.”


Michelle Thaller is an astronomer who loves the universe because it’s full of drama.


Michelle is a Renaissance dancer, which also has a kind of drama.

Dancing with the Stars

Michelle Thaller finds dance partners across time and space.

30 Second Science with Michelle Thaller

We give Michelle Thaller 30 seconds to describe her science, and she tells us where she came from.

10 Questions with Michelle Thaller

Carl Sagan or Brad Pitt? And other urgent questions for our beloved Michelle Thaller.

Michelle Thaller’s Favorite Science Quote

Michelle Thaller loves Albert Einstein. And who doesn't?

About Michelle Thaller

Michelle Thaller is an astronomer at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. She loves to study binary stars and the life cycles of the stars. In her off-hours, Michelle often puts on about 30 lbs of Elizabethan garb and performs intricate Renaissance dances.

  • Donna

    Hi, I’m a registered nurse and have always been very interested in the science field. I’m particularly interested in the cosmos and impressed at how far we’ve come in explaining its birth. However, I’ve never seen or heard an explaination about how the universe got here or what’s beyond it. We talk about the theory behind how the stars and planets were born, but nothing about the cosmos itself! We seem to know the threads that hold everything together, but never talk about the “stuff” before it. I would love to see a show on how the universe came to be (not planets and stars) and how far it goes, what holds it “up”, etc. Thank you.