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Neil deGrasse Tyson

“The universe called me.”


Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist who shares his love of the universe with every single person who’ll listen.


  Neil is a cosmic tie (and vest) collector.  He literally wears the universe!

When I look Up

Nine-year-old Neil deGrasse Tyson looks up and the universe calls him for a lifetime.

Wearing the Universe

Neil deGrasse Tyson wears the universe on his cosmic-themed ties and vests.

30 Second Science with Neil deGrasse Tyson

We give Neil deGrasse Tyson 30 seconds to describe his science and he does "The Matrix" dance.

10 Questions for Neil deGrasse Tyson

We ask Neil deGrasse Tyson 10 questions and watch him on Comedy Central.

About Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist and the Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Nature History.

  • Donald Bradstreet

    Following information submitted to:

    Client IP Address:

    Memo: To: Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    Ref: Nuclear Waste Incineration
    CC: President Barak Obama
    Lori Garver, NASA Deputy Administrator,
    Solar Dynamics Observatory

    With the dead end at the Yucca Mountain Repository for Radioactive Waste and $9.5 billion spent and no solution. Has anyone asked NASA, about Shipping Nuclear Waste to be incinerated in the sun? Which in its self; is one huge nuclear reactor, right? I realize that solar winds would push a vehicle away from the sun. But wouldn’t the gravitational pull of the sun minimize the fuel needed to ship the waste there.

    Your Name: Don Bradstreet

    Your Email:

    • ZeroSumGame

      Rockets cost a lot of money. Nuclear waste is heavy, so it would take a lot of rockets. The only solution for nuclear waste is to not make it in the first place.

  • Andrew Woodford

    Does the multiverse hypothesis change the Big Bang theory? Is Big Bang safe?

  • umbrarchist

    How is physics relevant to humanity? Obviously we might not exist
    without it on a practical level but how does it matter on a personal and
    social level? Tyson talks about black holes light years away but says
    nothing about a couple of 1000+ foot skyscrapers that supposedly
    “collapsed” a few blocks from his home.

    What about the physics of
    that? But then he tells us about the scientific defects in the movie
    “Gravity” and the errors in the sky of “Titanic”. What does Tyson
    regard as really important in physics? Only if it is light years away
    or in a movie?

    Of course if he had raised the issue in 2002 would he have gotten to do COSMOS?

  • Alex

    God loves Neil deGrasse Tyson and will deliver the earth from ignorance through his word.

    God hath delivered Ebola unto the pagan monkey worshipers of Africa that do not believe in evolution and so eat our ancestors.

    These souls of ignorance and darkness must educate and learn of evolution and run into the bright light of 21st century science otherwise God shalt rain down a river a blood unto African monkey eaters with such force that thou shalt bleed out from thou eyeballs into a river of blood.

    The river of monkey worshiper blood shall roll out into the oceans of Africa and great storms shalt rain blood hither and dither unto anti-evolution worshipers of coastal florida thousands of continents away.

  • ScienceRules

    Neil Tyson and bill Nye are my heroes. I absolutely am in love with any and all sciences.
    Please PBS ..have Neil Tyson featured on Gate’s African American lives. I would love to learn about his family past and the origins of his African ancestry! LOVE this guy!!