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Bower #1

Bower 1

Females that prefer a little space in their prospective mate's avenue will find this wide-walled construction difficult to resist. Lining the avenue is a high-quality straw in understated beige. The male builder has obviously placed this straw here with care and a steady beak.

This male has presumably done well in life, as evidenced by his impressive collection of bones, shells, and pebbles, which he has placed at both ends of the avenue. Note how each item exhibits the same appealing shade of white.

Which of the following bowerbird couples belongs to this bower?

Male bowerbirds
Bowerbird male Bowerbird male Bowerbird male Bowerbird male Bowerbird male

Bowerbird female Bowerbird female Bowerbird female Bowerbird female Bowerbird female
Female bowerbirds

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