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My Car of the Future, Today

Eugen Dunlap, Sinan Dunlap, and Kadife Besir-Dunlap
Davis, California
GM EV1, Toyota RAV4EV, Ford Ranger EV

Dunlap vehicle

Our first "vehicle of the future" was GM's legendary EV1, which we initially leased almost a decade ago. It was our transition to clean cars. When GM refused to renew the lease or let us buy the vehicle, we were devastated but not deterred or disheartened by GM's "infanticide." We later found a substitute in Toyota's RAV4EV and a Ford Ranger EV.

Besides driving a non-emission electric vehicle, our footprint on the environment is minimized even further by the fact that our chargers are solar powered.

We feel driving an alternative vehicle expresses and accentuates our repulsion against "oil wars" and demonstrates that it is possible to be independent from oil (global warming, pollution, wars, etc.). It is a testimony to the fact that real alternative vehicles are a reality NOW, not in five or 13 years from now, as our politicians deceivingly promise.

Solar + electric battery vehicle = 97 percent of our driving needs

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When the tow man came to take away the EV1, Kadife Besir-Dunlap chained herself to her beloved car, but to no avail.

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The Dunlap family's current pair of electric vehicles, a silver Toyota RAV4 and white Ford Ranger truck

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