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Frank 4 (1:06)
Topic(s): Efficiency / Electric & Hybrid
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A plug-in hybrid is like a regular hybrid, but remember that the regular hybrids built by Toyota, Honda and Ford these days, and now GM, are basically gasoline cars; they use gasoline only. The plug-in hybrid uses gasoline and electricity from the grid or from solar cells on your- on the top of your garage. And that's a distinct shift from the hybrid cars being built by the car companies. Car companies have advertised, "Well, you know, this car is gasoline-electric, but it's—but you never have to charge the batteries." Well, what that says is, "This car is gasoline-electric but it only runs on gasoline." What we're trying to show is, if you have a plug-in hybrid where you use electricity, where you plug it in, then you're using electricity and gasoline. And, we've designed these cars to use as much as 90 percent electricity and only ten percent gasoline.



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