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Frank 10 (1:21)
Topic(s): Auto Industry / Electric & Hybrid
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What I want to do is to show the auto manufacturers and the American public and the federal government that these kinds of cars can be constructed tomorrow. And, it only takes the will of the auto manufacturers to make the investment to—in manufacturing, infrastructure and battery technology, and so on—to put this kind of technology in play.

And so I'm hoping that public pressure from programs just like this and government pressure will be enough to convince the auto companies that they have an opportunity here to introduce new technology into society, and be the first ones to introduce that and, therefore, make the most money.

If they wait for the technology to come from abroad, and I'm sure it will come from abroad, the American car companies will not make as much money because they won't be first. And the—whoever brings this technology into this country first will be the one to take market share.



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