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Frank 12 (1:16)
Topic(s): Alt Vehicles / Auto Industry / Electric & Hybrid / Environment
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I think about the future a lot. I think what we see in the future is a shortage of oil because we're going to hit the peak in the world production of oil—whether that peak occurs—some people say it has already occurred. Whether it occurs in five years or perhaps the most optimistic of all is that peak will occur in 15 years.

Even 15 years, it's already late for us to get started. So, we've got to get alternative vehicles into our society as quickly as possible because when the price of gasoline and when shortages start to occur, we will have economic disruption like you cannot believe. And, that's what worries me.

So, that concerns me a lot, to say nothing about global warming. There's no doubt global warming is happening. And maybe this year one can say we had the—one of the benefits of global warming is that we didn't use as much home heating oil. And because we didn't use as much home heating oil, temporarily that made a drop in the gas—price of gasoline.



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