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Frank 13 (1:04)
Topic(s): Auto Industry / Electric & Hybrid
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I wouldn't be doing this work unless I was an eternal optimist. My optimism comes in having faith that people will realize suddenly that, "Hey, this kind of work that we're doing can be done" and if we say to the car companies that if they build these cars, we'll buy 'em. That may be enough to tip the scale for them to make the investment because if they see five million customers out there clamoring for a particular kind of vehicle, they're in the business of making cars and making money—they'll do it. But, until they see that, until they're convinced of that, that won't happen. And the first thing that we have to do is to convince the car companies that there is a customer demand out there, is to convince the customers, the people of the United States, that this is possible. That's where we're going.



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