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My goal here is to see this kind of technology into mass production. And mass production means making millions of copies a year and I like to see ten percent of the new car fleet with all being plug-in hybrid with 40 or 60 miles of all-electric range. In order to achieve that goal, we have to do a number of things.

The first thing we have to do is to educate the general public that this all possible. Then we have to motivate the car companies that the general public thinks it's possible and they want to buy these cars. If you make 'em, they'll buy and they'll pay for it. Then we have to convince the regulators in the federal government and the state of California, and so on, that this is in their best interest.

If they motiv-- if they provide incentives for the car—our car -companies in this country to move forward and move forward quickly. So those that's my main goal is to see this kind of thing in production quickly because I really feel that our country and the world will begin to see economic hardship coming around the corner if we don't get started.



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