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Greene 3 (1:49)
Topic(s): Car Culture / Environment / Foreign Oil / Government
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Video Transcript

I think there are three main issues that we have to address with respect to energy for transportation. In the United States we know we have a problem of oil dependence. This oil dependence costs our economy hundreds of billions of dollars every year in excess economic costs. It makes us dependent on certain foreign suppliers who, you know, we may have foreign relation problems with and maybe gets us involved in military situations we'd rather not be involved in. Also, well, that's probably all I want to say about the oil security problem.

We also have a problem of greenhouse gas emissions. Our transportation system alone produces more greenhouse gas emissions than any country in the world except China. So our transportation system is a major source of climate-changing greenhouse gases.

So first, oil dependence for the United States. Second, greenhouse gas emissions for the world. And third, there's this problem of sustainable energy, which I've touched on before. That is that we're reaching the limits of being able to continuously increase the amount of petroleum we produce to support the transportation system every year. And we're going to have to find—if the mobility in the world is going to continue to grow in places like China and India especially, we're going to have to find other sources of energy to power the transportation system, and we're going to have to make it more energy-efficient at the same time.



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