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Greene 9 (1:42)
Topic(s): Car Culture / Efficiency
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Actually, my view is that consumers do care about fuel economy but it's not on their minds when they buy the car. When they buy a new car they're not thinking about fuel economy. They're thinking about other things that are more important. Are they getting a good price for the car, is this going to be a reliable car, does it have all the features they want, you know, does it convey who they are, you know, these kinds of things are more important to them at the time they buy the car.

  Research at the University of California at Davis show—researchers at the University of California, Davis interviewed about sixty households in depth about their entire car owning, car buying history and not one of those households had ever made any precise calculation or any kind of numerical calculation about how much it was worth to them to have a more fuel economic vehicle.

  So we know that at the time, I think we know that at the time of purchase consumers don't worry much about fuel economy, they worry about other things. But when they own the care and they use it day after day and they fill it up week after week then they appreciate the value of fuel economy, I think. And at that point, they may be dissatisfied with the fuel economy of their super-size SUV or something like that, and say this is terrible, why did I buy this? But at the time of purchase, they were thinking about something else.



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