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Greene 22 (1:50)
Topic(s): Efficiency / Future Transport
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Well, I think the first thing, in my view, is that to really solve this problem of climate change, to solve the problem of sustainable energy for transportation, will require technology we don't have. Okay, so in a way, we are on an unsustainable path with our foot on the accelerator and we're counting on technology to solve the problem. And, you know, this is not prudent behavior. So I think that we are depend— we are going to be dependent on technological advances to address climate change and to address sustainable energy for transportation. While we do not yet have the technologies we need to solve those problems, it really only makes sense to use the technology we have to address those problems. So what is most irresponsible is that we are not requiring fuel economy improvements instead of a horsepower race, and that we are not making more use of renewable energy. So we need to do those things, do what we can now; one, to reduce the size of the problem we're going to have to solve in the future and also to generate the technological change, to help generate the technological change we're going to need, to focus our energies, to focus our resources on developing those technologies.



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