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Greene 23 (0:54)
Topic(s): Alt Vehicles / Electric & Hybrid / Renewable
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I think the plug-in hybrid technology is very interesting because it is a further step in the electrification of transportation. And it's a major change in that now you can get electricity from the grid. You can take it from your home, you can take it from almost anywhere, because electricity is everywhere. So this is a huge difference, both in terms of the technology and the energy source for transportation, also in terms of behavior and the way people refuel, the way they use their vehicles, because you'll have a certain amount of all-electric range. And how do you use that? What do you use it for? When do you switch to the internal combustion engine?

Of course hybrid—the plug-in hybrid—is not ready for the marketplace yet because of the battery; this all comes back to batteries. It needs a different battery than a regular hybrid vehicle, and we don't have that battery yet.



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