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Heywood 11 (1:16)
Topic(s): Car Culture / Future Transport
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To be fair, there are other factors and safety is often raised as an issue when we talk about vehicle size and weight. The data suggest that we can fix that. That doesn't have to be a negative if we downsize. So my view is that over the longer term, we can deal with safety issues. And there are new technologies that sort of incense that and there are new technologies that sense where's my vehicle in relation to other vehicles? Do I need to take— those things will help a lot. So I think safety isn't really that big an issue. We can deal with that.

It's much more expectations, and it's– in part it's because we've always thought of our car, sport utility vehicle, multi-purpose vehicle. It'll take me to work, it'll take my family on vacation, I can go to the lumber store, bring these 8-by-4 sheets of plywood home. I want to do all of those things in one vehicle. It may be that as we look 20-30 years into the future, that will no longer make sense. It made sense in the past, because a general-purpose vehicle didn't cost us much more. But it may well cost us more to run.



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