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Heywood 14 (1:26)
Topic(s): Government
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What's a message for everybody? The first part is: individual choices and actions matter. They really do and it all adds up. And if I say, "Well, if I do it, it won't count." But if I do it, I'll talk to my friends about it. They might do it. Their friends might do it. So it propagates outward. And if it makes sense, and I'm convinced there's a good reason for being more careful, conserving, being more thoughtful, then bit by bit by bit, we'll have an impact.

So my message is: Think about this. We want a world that goes on, a world in good shape, that our children, our children's children will enjoy to the extent that we enjoy it. To do that, we've got to be more thoughtful and conserve—conserve in a really good, long term. Let's keep all these good options, things we enjoy, so that they're there in some sense in perpetuity, in— forever. Let's try and do that.



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