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Lovins 5 (1:07)
Topic(s): Foreign Oil
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Well in many fora, even including the "What Would Jesus Drive" bumper stickers, you see people questioning the effects of that wonderfully convenient kind of transport that we have built up. The great engineer Paul McCrady says on every gasoline pump in America there should be a sign that says, "Every Gallon Of Gasoline You Pump Here Will Put Nineteen Pounds Of Carbon Dioxide In The Air Where It Will Stay For About One Hundred Years Messing Up The Climate And Every Gallon You Pump Can Send Forty Cents To Countries That Hate Us." Well, funding both sides of the war is a pretty good way to focus peoples' attention on what we're doing and this is an unnecessary problem—we don't need to have it. We can get the US completely off oil by the 2040's, led by business for profit with a much stronger economy.



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