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Lovins 12 (1:38)
Topic(s): Alt Vehicles / Car Culture / Government
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Having two tons of steel wrapped around one body is not necessarily the best way and here you get into everything form ride-sharing to public transport, in which there have been dramatic technical advances. Dave Brower used to say, "All those who believe in individual mass transit, raise your right foot." Hybrid electric bikes would enable people to bike even if they're in very hilly country or unfit or infirm. So that's another extender.

And then, of course, you can make the cars more efficient. So here I'm just talking about the last of those, but there's this whole other spectrum of ways to get more access and mobility with less physical motion and much less fuel use and hassle. And you shouldn't judge by the way we have done things before. For example, one of 84 cities in the world, and the first of them to introduce a really modern bus system, Curitiba, Brazil, is a city the size of Houston or Philadelphia, and 3/4s of its commutes are by the bus system. Many of the people riding the bus have actually gotten out of their cars to get on the bus because it's faster, cheaper, safer and more convenient than riding their car.



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