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Lovins 14 (1:14)
Topic(s): Auto Industry / Future Transport / Government
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When we ultimately have a whole road full of very efficient, clean, safe efficient cars, then it still won't work to have a billion Chinese or ten million Londoners or Los Angelenos or New Yorkers driving them. Instead of running out of oil and air and climate, we'll run out of roads, land and patience. It's the constraint du jour, so we actually need to get to grips with having lots of people wanting to drive lots of miles and we need better ways to get access to mobility, not only cars, but for starters we'll certainly end up in a bad place if we have lots of driving in very inefficient cars as we do now. We can already start to see where that's headed. You wouldn't want to live there, so let's use our technology to make the cars much more efficient while making them safer, and so on. But meanwhile, let's also start paying careful attention to how to have great cars and how to drive them less.



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