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Lovins 16 (1:40)
Topic(s): Foreign Oil
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With a few very isolated exceptions like Bahrain, Arab countries without oil have had greater development success than Arab countries with oil. And reasons for this are fairly well understood, when you have an economy very dependent on oil exports, it tends toward authoritarianism, corruption, opacity, all of the trends that are really opposite of democratization, liberalization of markets and also that tend toward political instability. So increasingly, our armed forces are being turned into an oil protection service guarding pipelines, trying to shore up authoritarian regimes that happen to be willing to sell us their oil. It's a very bad scene and you know our military professionals did not sign up to guard pipe lines, they signed up to protect American citizens.

Well they can do that a lot better if we don't depend on that far-flung imperial apparatus for collecting oil to get it to your pump. And I think that our whole oil dependence has all the signs of the addiction, President Bush referred to our addition to oil quite rightly, I think surprised many people when he did so. But you know, when you're an addict, you don't ask your pusher if you need a fix, you just try to kick the habit. We have very good ways to do that now—we'll be a lot happier and healthier when we do.



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