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Lovins 17 (1:55)
Topic(s): Foreign Oil / Government
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We always have an energy policy, including a policy of inaction. I think at this point the gravest threat to our national energy security is federal energy policy. Just think about it, it's prolonging our dependence on oil through either blocking the improvements or just paying lip service to them in our efficiency of using oil and the little bits that are starting to be done in biofuels and so on are really not very serious compared to what we need.

Our federal energy policy is also increasing, not just perpetuating, an overly centralized architecture so that one hurricane can take out a lot of our oil and gas infrastructure because so much of it is in Louisiana. Our power system is more brittle than that, as we saw in the northeast blackout recently. And we're building more facilities like LNG terminals and possibly nuclear plants that are an attractive nuisance to terrorists; they're very vulnerable to attack.

The centerpiece of national energy policy is still drilling in the Arctic Natural Wildlife refuge. The only way to get that oil down here is the most vulnerable link in our energy infrastructure called the Trans-Alaska Pipe Line. It's an all-American straight of Hormuz—one of those were enough.

And then on top of that having correctly declared that the gravest threat to our national security is the spread of nuclear weapons. The administration seems to be doing everything it can to promote the spread of nuclear weapons through expanded nuclear power and reprocessing and ruling out the non-proliferation treaty. Well, if these are not the national security outcomes we want, we ought to say so.



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