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Lynd 3 (1:40)
Topic(s): Biofuels / Foreign Oil
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Well, some people are calling this a perfect storm. I hope it lasts longer than some perfect storms, but I think the notion they're getting at is that there are a lot of convergent factors that have led to seemingly quite a sudden increase in expectation. The price of oil has been a big factor. The ongoing and reinforced perception of the price of oil dependence, in terms of security and foreign policy compromises, has been a factor. Heightened concern over global climate change has been a factor. And finally, along with all of those increased perception of need, I should also mention an ongoing sense that rural America would benefit very, very much from essentially added demand for farm products that many rural communities would benefit tremendously. And that's— Actually, that's been as big a policy driver as any, over the past- maybe the biggest policy driver over the past decade.

So you combine these, all of these rising tides of need, with the idea— well, with both the reality and perception that the– of increased possibility with respect to the technology. This has to do with the cost-effectiveness and the yields, but I think a lot of the issue is people taking seriously that this might actually be able to be implemented on a truly large scale, and make a truly large difference, as opposed to being something that is, you know, the provincial interest of this or that group, or, you know, would service, in essence, a narrow slice of society.



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