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Topic(s): Auto Industry / Biofuels / Future Transport
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I've talked to venture capitalists about this stuff for 15 years and up until a year and a half ago—this story may or may not be interesting—but up until a year and a half ago, the response from venture capitalists was, "All right, professor. Let's see. This hypothetical venture depends on the weather, right, because you got to grow stuff." Yeah. "And it depends on the price of oil." Yeah. "And you said government regulation got in there somewhere." Mm-hm. And it's like, well, too many variables they can't control, and so there was just active disinterest. And, you know, it— I mean a lot of people are using the expression "tipping point" as well as "perfect storm." And as to why that's true, I think essentially, because now this is regarded as one of the, you know— Green energy is regarded as a hot area by venture capitalists.



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