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Lynd 19 (1:10)
Topic(s): Biofuels / Future Transport
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On what basis are we trying to plan for the future? Are we trying to plan for the future by extrapolating the present? Well, that's fine, except— I mean, many people do that; in fact, many people would say, "What else could you do?" Problem is, if you want that future to be sustainable and secure, as far as I can tell—and this is my life's work—it is just as— it's essentially impossible to get to a sustainable and secure energy future by extrapolating the present.

And so to me, if that— If the discussion is "how would we get to a sustainable and a secure energy future?" the only games in town are ones that include combinations of innovation and change. And if you're prepared to bring innovation and change to the issue of biomass fuel production, all indications available to me are it can be fantastically cost-competitive, fantastically environmentally advantageous, and that we can make a very, very, very large, truly substantial historic contribution to mobility demand, with potentially a modest or even zero allocation of new land to the proposition.



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