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Topic(s): Biofuels / Future Transport / Hydrogen
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There are many hydrogen advocates that would dismiss biomass. I suppose I'm a biomass advocate and I'm not going to dismiss hydrogen. At the same time, one widely spread notion that I do take issue with is the idea that hydrogen is the inevitably preferred and sort of, you know), may take a long time, maybe a short time, but it will be hydrogen some day, for transportation fuel.

I think we should continue to look into hydrogen, and I wouldn't dismiss it making a large contribution. But when I talk about cellulosic ethanol, I'm talking about a potentially— a solution that I see as having— being a candidate for the indefinite future, not just a transition strategy. Hydrogen is also a candidate for the indefinite future, for reasons we could go into. I don't think it's–it should— I think it's very foolish to regard it as the only such candidate. I think it's a dangerous idea, actually.



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