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Topic(s): Biofuels
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So I think everybody would agree that the largest obstacles to getting this industry going have to do with the production process for the ethanol. They don't have to do with the quality of the fuel. They don't have to do with the infrastructure of the fuel, although as the industry grows up that's going to be some issue. They don't have to do with the source of feedstock—cellulosic raw materials for the fuel – although, again, those issues become more important as the industry matures and as we talk about really large-scale utilization.

And so to make this cost-competitive, which I'm very confident we can do, having spent a great deal of time looking with a high-beam perspective at where this technology can get, I'm very confident that this technology can eventually be cost-competitive with fuels produced from oil at $30 a barrel, which is better than most people dare hope for the long-term future for a variety of reasons.



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