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Lynd 22 (1:44)
Topic(s): Biofuels / Future Transport
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Plants do pretty well in nature because they have been in a competitive environment where grazing animals, beetles, wood-boring birds, you name it, attack these things and plants are tough in the face of these attacks. And precisely that toughness, if you will, is really, frankly the central obstacle we need to overcome from a processing point of view. You can readily show, with, you know, various analytical tools, you can readily show that once you convert cellulosic biomass to its component sugars, the rest of the con— if that could be done for free, hypothetically, in other words, if we could over nature's toughness at— with high efficiency and low cost, the rest of the process, although there are improvements that could be made, is essentially ready to roll, and you would have very cost-competitive fuels.

And so the thing that is absolutely required in order to lower the cost of processing is, again, at high efficiency and high— and low cost, to convert the biomass into its component sugars.

We're pursuing a potential home run. I think it's probably interesting to know not only what we think, but what the rest of the world thinks. My perception and understanding of the rests of the world's opinion is that this home run is tremendously ambitious, but very likely the ultimate way that it will happen. Many people think it's decades away. We think that it's a few years from proof of concept and it's very easily described.



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