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Topic(s): Biofuels / Government
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Both the Green Party and several key US environmental advocacy organizations now actually have come out publicly being in favor of genetically engineered microorganisms to make biofuels. And so there's a certain reaction, "Ooh, genetically engineered. That's going to run afoul of environmental interests." And I give my friends in the environmental advocacy community credit for considering things on their merit. And their position, I'm quite confident, at least the ones I speak to, they are still extremely uncomfortable with genetically engineered plants in the field (green photosynthetic plants). And many others would argue with them on that, but that is their position at this point. But they have made the transition in the last 5 years to be quite comfortable at this point with genetically engineered microorganisms in fermenters, doing useful things like making renewable fuels. So that's been an interesting story.



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