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Topic(s): Auto Industry / Government
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So I think that it's not inventive policies that are missing; I think they're fairly obvious in this case. I think it is political will. But I think, I'm hopeful, frankly, we could be near a tipping point because I think that— I had a lunch, for example, with a bunch of congressional staffers earlier this year and it was interesting. I asked them— this was a mixture of Republicans and Democrats. Obviously they were interested in energy, but that can be a pretty broad slice of folks. And I asked them, you know, "Would your bosses support vehicle efficiency standards?" And they went around a circle, and two-thirds of them said no. And I said, "Well, would they support feebates, so it was still a market-driven thing, as opposed to simply a decree?" And in that audience, two-thirds of them said yes.



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