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Lynd 31 (1:25)
Topic(s): Biofuels / Electric & Hybrid / Future Transport
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Video Transcript

Well, a dream car that could be realized in the relatively near future would be a flexible-fuel plug-in hybrid. All right? And the flexible-fuel piece meant that as gasoline-compatible renewable fuels like ethanol become available, I could use them, but if I was driving across the country or something, I wouldn't have to get towed to the next ethanol filling station if one were not available. So that's awfully handy for the chicken-and-egg problem of the vehicles and the fuel supply.

The plug-in hybrid would mean that in areas where it is economically and environmentally beneficial to do so, I could use— for short trips, I could take power from the grid instead of fossil fuels, and I would have that degree of flexibility. And the hybrid piece would mean that this car used very little energy to make it drive, no matter what that energy source was, whether it was gasoline, whether it was ethanol, or whether it was whatever the power source for the electricity was. And that's–

I predict you'll be able to buy such vehicles within 3 years. That's not distant future. And frankly, if we got to the point that substantial fractions of the vehicle fleet even had any two of those three characteristics, we would really be moving in the direction we need to go.



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