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Lynd 36 (0:53)
Topic(s): Biofuels / Future Transport
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Right now we've got all the properties we need, but not in the same organism. And nor can we simply mix the organisms and get the performance we want. So we've got microorganisms that are downright wonderful at utilizing cellulosic biomass, and others that are wonderful at making ethanol and we're making significant progress in combining those features.

I think two or three years ago, people regarded this as in the distant, distant future, and regarded there being a number of unanswered issues from the point of view of fundamental feasibility. I think it's becoming mainstream that people think of this as ultimately doable and ultimately the way it will happen. There are still some people who wouldn't say that, but I think most people would who are experts in the field. And they still think it's relatively distant. And I'm hoping that in a relatively few years, we can convince people that it's here.



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