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Topic(s): Electric & Hybrid / Future Transport
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I think right now General Motors and Toyota have announced that they're going to build plug-in hybrids. And there are a couple people who are retrofitting existing hybrids to be plug-in. I do think it is the car of the near future. I think it has the best of both possible worlds. The advantages of electricity are no tailpipe emissions, and very cheap, and widely available. And the advantage of gasoline is it's available everywhere, and it can be fueled up very quickly, and it's, you know, very easy to transport and store. So we're combining the two and have a dual-fuel vehicle, to give people a real choice. And the beauty of this is, if there does come a time when we have an oil shock, where supply is limited, if your car can also run on electricity, you can keep charging it up and keep driving it, and not lose the ability to drive.



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