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Topic(s): Environment / Future Transport
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Well, the vehicle sector has always been the hardest sector for global warming, in part because gasoline is such a simple and attractive fuel. You know, you can make a power plant cleaner; it costs money, but it's really not that hard. But to make your car cleaner, you have to somehow use a lot less oil and ultimately find some sort of alternative that has the same convenience as oil, but has a lot lower emissions. And that has proved difficult.

So— And this is true of the entire transportation sector, not just cars, but also airplanes. How do you replace jet fuel with something that's greener, when there's such a premium on weight and volume? And there's few things that have better energy characteristics than, you know, petroleum.

So I think there's no question that the transportation sector is the toughest sector to deal with when it comes to global warming and we're going to need some advances pretty darn soon if we're going to tackle it successfully.



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