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Topic(s): Government / Hydrogen / Iceland
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If you think about strategy, the key issue for the government of Iceland is actually to evaluate the potential of using renewable fuel. So the first thing you have to think about if you're going for transport is to see whether, first of all, the public likes the technology. There has been a lot of perception and myths about hydrogen being dangerous and etc. so we needed to do a lot of education and etc. and in that sense, buses would be the best place. You can put a lot of people in there, it's easy for if you want to take a ride with students, with groups, or whatever. So socially, buses would be great. Also, they use quite a bit of hydrogen, that means it would be easy to build the first hydrogen filling station and get that into use and having it in public view, its not like hidden in the bus depot or anything like that. It's a very important part of the statement from the government side to aim for a hydrogen society.



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