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Skúlason 4 (1:01)
Topic(s): Future Transport / Hydrogen / Iceland
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Currently they are building—their estimate for 2007/2008 is roughly somewhere between 100 and 150 cars per OEM, or per vehicle manufacturer, and then they're talking about thousands after 2012 and then tens of thousands or hundred of thousands after 2015. And that's when the consumer can actually, the conventional consumer, can come in and buy the technology. Until then, we will have those niche markets using the technology, like currently there is a big demo happening in Los Angeles, you know you have 10 or 15 filling stations there, you have specific groups—government agencies and other supporting—to drive these vehicles. You have another cluster in Berlin and Hamburg; another one in Tokyo and then one here in Iceland, so we're actually demonstrating the technology, feeding back the information to the car manufacturers, so they can take the next step and all of us are hoping that, well, I foresee in 2015 I can go into any kind of car dealership and I can choose whether I buy a hydrogen car or a gasoline car and they would be similarly priced.



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