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Skúlason 5 (1:04)
Topic(s): Government / Hydrogen / Iceland
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Video Transcript

Well, when we started our path in Iceland, the government of Iceland wanted to create a hydrogen economy. And we realized early on that the only way to understand all the implications of a hydrogen economy would be to build a commercial station. Up to 2003, everybody had built stations in, like, industrial complexes, in bus depots, and etc., not fully accessible to the public. The public was asking, "is the hydrogen dangerous? Is that why you're building it the industrial areas and etc.?" So we realized we want just to take the hydrogen filling station directly out to the public and we asked the developers of those technologies, "Is there any issues with having a commercial station?" And there were none.

We applied to set up a commercial station, took the application process; in Iceland, took up to 6 weeks for the first one in the world and then we just built it. We take people up in truckloads to see the station, students stop there, a lot of PR stops there, a lot of important presidents and stuff just to understand "ok, this is ready now, we can actually have a station out there now."



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