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Skúlason 6 (0:59)
Topic(s): Future Transport / Hydrogen / Iceland
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It's placed beside a gasoline station, you can drive up there and fill up your car if you have a hydrogen car and just as you fill up a gasoline car and the bus drivers themselves refuel the vehicles so the technology is more or less ready to be taken out. We have some technical issues which we are still working on inside the station, but I think we're getting quite close to the commercialization of the infrastructure and our calculation and if we look a little bit further into the future, when we have to build larger stations which might have to service like a population of 2000 cars, then we think that we can become economical somewhere 2012 and 2015, given that we have that car fleet, because we need customers to be able to sell the fuel to.

So that's the issue; we do no longer foresee hydrogen to be very expensive and people can't afford it and etc. and actually the higher the price of the oil goes the shorter the period will be when we can make money on making hydrogen for vehicles. That's actually been the trend for the last few years.



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