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Skúlason 7 (0:52)
Topic(s): Hydrogen / Iceland
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It is the world's first public hydrogen station; it was opened on 24th of April 2003 and there was no other public station that came on line until last year, no, sorry, in 2005, and that was the station actually in Washington, DC. There are now two stations also in Berlin, which are public and they're building the first one in Japan and there will be some stations in LA, which will be public.

But this is like—we were the first, now people realize we can do it. So that's the kind of learning - you go to a small society like Iceland where a lot of things are simpler than in a big society like the US or Europe. You can actually test the things out here; if they wouldn't have worked here, it's very unlikely that they would have been able to build a shell station in Washington, DC. But that's actually how we think we can help the world and our small case travels around the world.



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