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Skúlason 10 (1:16)
Topic(s): Auto Industry / Car Culture / Electric & Hybrid / Hydrogen
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The car manufacturers realize there's a big drive in the world for becoming cleaner and greener and there's a competition within in their- between them to come out with a cleaner car. We're burning too much fossil fuels in those big, heavy trucks. If we could have the same power output and use hydrogen on fuel cells and the only output is water, nobody would care whether you have a big car or not because there is no emission coming from your vehicle. So there's a big race.

A good example is the Toyota Prius. The Prius was the first hydro vehicle, more or less, coming to the commercial market and there was almost an immediate waiting list to buy them. It's now cool to own a Prius. So you have celebrities in Hollywood or all over the world buying Prius' because it's cool to own those types of vehicles. They burn less fuel, they're more environmental friendly, and etc and if you could bring hydrogen to those people, they would definitely go with that.

And I think the whole society would like to be cleaner if we can. But we're not prepared to sacrifice a lot of things to become cleaner. So if we can have the same car emitting only water, of course that's the picture you would all like to see, so there's a race for the car drivers—the one who would be the best with the hydrogen car - they're absolutely sure they would make money on that in the future.



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