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Skúlason 13 (1:16)
Topic(s): Biofuels / Environment / Iceland / Renewable
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Video Transcript

You cannot take a case like Iceland and just transport it to a different country like the US- it's- there's too big of a difference. However, the learning can be transported. But I think what's important for the US is that you can use your own feed stock energy to produce your own energy. For example, I've heard that the so-called wind corridor, which is Idaho, South and North Dakota, Minnesota and some other states around there, if you just utilize the wind there, you can produce enough hydrogen to power every car in the US. So that's just wind energy from a couple of states in the US.

You have quite a bit of resources like natural gas, which is larger than your fossil fuels or gasoline reserves; you can reform that into hydrogen. You have a lot of solar power in the south that could all be converted into renewable power and hydrogen.

The problem today is that renewable power is still more expensive in most countries then conventional fossil fuels. This will change. One day solar power will have the same cost price, or wind power, as you have for fossil fuels. When that is, I'm quite convinced that the US has no problems in getting all their renewable power they need to create self-sustaining renewable society in the future.

In Iceland we can do it directly, immediately. It will take countries like the US a longer period of time.



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