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Skúlason 14 (1:33)
Topic(s): Auto Industry / Government / Hydrogen / Iceland
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Video Transcript

The key issue for, like, Daimler Chrysler, Shell, Norse Hydro, that participate in Iceland, is that they could see directly a renewable world with hydrogen. For Daimler Chrysler to be able to say there's no emission from the whole energy chain when we power our buses in Iceland was a very important statement. To be able to demonstrate a fully renewable energy cycle within the transport system that was I think a key issue. It was the first place in the world where the government announced full support for the hydrogen economy. That's something which the big companies said had been missing until the Iceland government stepped into the arena.

It's a small society—it's easy to do studies here. If you want to understand social acceptance, there's no problem of getting messages to the public—we have only two major TV stations, we have only three or four major radio stations, we have two key newspapers, so getting messages to the public is very, very easy, so social acceptance studies, economic studies, etc.—quite simple. An island—cars can not drive from here anywhere else there's only one ferry going to Europe a couple times a year, so not many cars travel. So if you want to understand all the implications—economic, social, and so on, we would be a perfect test platform for those companies.

The same applies to Shell, there they could dispense hydrogen which they're absolutely sure all the energy comes from a renewable source, the same about Norse Hydro. So for the foreign companies, this was a unique setting, which they could step into and start executing projects immediately.



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