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Topic(s): Car Culture / Efficiency
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Well, I think what's happened, since the 1990s, the mid to late 1990s, when gasoline was basically a buck or less a gallon, in other words, it was just cheap, it was ridiculously cheap. What's happened since gas prices have gone up to more like $2.50 to $3.00 a gallon, with this sort of annual summer spike above three dollars a gallon, is that people, there has been a shift at the margins toward smaller vehicles in the United States. People who bought very big SUVs like the Ford Expedition or the Chevy Suburban, at least some of those people are now buying something smaller—partly because they have the choice.

There's so-called crossover vehicles that are more, somewhat more fuel efficient. But you know, it's all relative. I mean, fuel efficient in this country is still anything that gets over 20-25 miles a gallon. In Europe, it's a joke; I mean, fuel efficient is 35 to 40 miles a gallon. So the United States is still kind of an island of fantasy when it come to the automobile and energy because our gas is cheap. And until that changes, it's hard to see a really dramatic shift from, sort of, what you see on the road today.



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